We invite you to join us with the new companion to ‘Must See TV’ – the second screen, be it with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  Though we’re still in the early days of this new interactive environment, there are already a slew of apps and sites for TV viewers to engage more closely with favorite shows, friends aBones iPad Companion Appnd fellow visitors.

There are numerous ‘check-in’ apps like GetGlue and Philo, specialty apps around watercooler events like the Oscars and TV show companion apps from innovative producers like those from Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) and Bones (Fox).

We believe we’re still in the nascent stage of what we’ll have and be using shortly (sort of like those pre-cable TV days with only about 10 stations!).  Not too soon, it may even be strange to remember we just sat silently on the couch.

We’d love to hear from you on where you think the second screen’s going and how it’ll impact our behavior.  Have something to say?  We welcome posts from anyone who wants to participate in this conversation.  See you on the second screen!