Well, that’s what came from a Twitter rep at a recently packed SXSW panel on “It’s Not TV, It’s Social TV.” And that makes sense. With the preponderance of devices, multitasking and behavioral changes, more folks are watching TV – and socializing about it concurrently. Waiting til work the next day to discuss what you watched is becoming ‘old school.’ The conversations are happening in real-time.

How is this happening today? Clearly, Twitter is a major facilitator but this platform may not be the best communication vehicle. Sure, you can tweet your comments about a show and see what others are thinking (in short snippets) but it’s not quite a conversation.

Viewers want more than simply throwing comments out into the Twittersphere. New applications that promote engagement and true immersion into the TV viewing experience are coming and will certainly drive this increasing ‘second screen’ experience. Whether on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, the demand for more interactivity and participation is there. We’re anxious to see how the industry will meet it.